Tally AI

Tally AI is a web application that analyzes Yelp reviews and delivers insights through a simple dashboard using machine learning and natural language processing. Business owners don’t have time to decode what people are saying about their business online – they just want to know what to improve – so Tally AI aims to provide actionable suggestions to help businesses grow profits.  

The data science team:

  • Analyzed Yelp dataset using Spacy, Scattertext, and Textrank libraries to generate actionable insights for businesses in a simple dashboard.
  • Built production ready application using an AWS RDS database to store data, the Django REST framework deployed on Elastic Beanstalk to create an API, and Django APScheduler to do background jobs for offline learning.

You can check out the project at tally-ai.com.

Role: Team Lead

DS Tech Stack: Python, Django REST Framwork, Django APScheduler, Spacy, Scattertext, Textrank, Recharts, AWS (RDS Postgres, Elastic Beanstalk)

Timeline: 8 weeks

Our GitHub repo with all of the project code can be found here

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